About Me - photoboat
I've sailed and raced for many years and taught photography and digital image editing to high school students. After retiring from teaching, putting sailing and photography together seemed like a good idea.

 I realized I was serious about this when my camera gear was worth more than my sailboat. The red boat at left is my photo boat. It's a great photo platform for all weather and sea conditions. If you have a chase boat to move me around the course and you're looking for an all-weather committee boat, then let's talk.

If you're at a regatta where I'm shooting, track me down and I'm likely to have a free download coupon. You can order prints from the site and they don't cost much. An 8x10 is about $10. If you're looking for a great gift for a sailor, consider ordering one of the large prints.

If you want me to edit or crop a photo for you, just let me know via my email contact below. Yacht clubs or organizing groups for any of the regattas I'm photographing may contact me for a code to download and use photos at no cost for promotion, web sites and such. The only thing I ask is that you mention they came from PhotoBoat.us.

PhotoBoat.us should not be confused with PhotoBoat.com. Those folks are real pros and they make their living photographing boats. For me it's just a fun hobby.
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